Payments Gateways

E-commerce is currently the market option for many small businesses nowadays. Unlike the common belief that e-commerce was for huge companies, small companies have also taken advantage of this marketing tool.
However, no matter how alluring e-commerce business may be, acquiring safe methods of payments for clients allows them to trust you and continue their buyer relationship with you. A payment gateway for e-commerce is one of the appropriate ways to reassure your clients of trustworthiness.

What is a secure payment gateway?

It is an e-commerce package that lets merchants accept credit cards and other internet payment forms securely using your website. It is the perfect go-between the merchants and clients.
Acquiring a compatible secure payment gateway for e-commerce platforms such as Magento, and WordPress installed with WooCommerce used to be a daunting challenge for most merchants. It is no longer a challenge due to the following payment gateways:


1. PayPal

After its inception in December 1998, PayPal has slowly risen to be the leading face of all online transactions in the world. The incorporation of e-commerce platforms led to its further rise. They came up with services like the website payment pro, PayFlow Gateway and PayPal Express Checkout.

The website payment pro comes in a standard and pro package all which accept both PayPal and credit card payments. PayFlow Gateway connect your online store to an existing merchant online account. Finally, PayPal Express gives your visiting website clients access to pay via PayPal.


2. SagePay

The growth of SagePay gateway payments is mainly attributed to its integration across a majority of e-commerce platforms. SagePay allows merchants to withdraw directly from their e-commerce platforms. It provides two gateway options for clients to ensure all their transactions are safe.

There is the SagePay Form that requires your clients are taken to the SagePay page to make their payments. After the client pays, the order is confirmed and taken to the thank you site. There is also the SagePay direct that requires clients to stay on the SagePay site till the order is complete.

The incorporation of e-commerce platforms with gateway payments helped the internet market take a huge stride. All you have to do, is log into your favourite shopping website, locate the item you have to buy, pay using the above payment gateway option and both you and the merchant leave happy.